Cooks traditional old fashioned crunchy chalk/pencils – like they have always been for more than 50 years! Celiac Suitable, GMO Free and available in a variety of colours, bring back a little of yesteryear with these old time treats. Crunchy ‘snap’ texture with smooth flavour transition. Don’t forget – you can suck on them too!

Product Description:Flavoured, crunchy texture, sugar paste extruded sticks.
Flavours (Colours):Musk (Pink), Aniseed (Slate), Spearmint (Green), Peppermint (White)
Available Sizes:1.6kg Display Outer & 6kg Bulk.
Storage conditions:Store in cool dry conditions between 18°C – 22°C, <50% Relative Humidity
Shelf life:12 months
Country of origin:Made in Australia