The home of the Scorched Peanut Bar’. One of Australia’s favourite bars is back, bigger and better than ever. True to it’s origins down to the packaging, the Scorched Peanut bar will have you remembering the good old days.

The famous Scorched Peanut Bar family is growing.

There is now a variety of your favourite Scorched Peanut Bar to suit every occasion.

Scorched Peanut Easter Egg
Product Description:Scorched Peanuts encased in smooth toffee covered in milk chocolate
Available Sizes:45g – Bar and 140g – Bites
Units per carton:30 – Bar and 12 – Bites
Allergens:Soy, Milk, Nuts (Tree nuts may be present)
Storage conditions:Store in Cool, Dry conditions away from direct sunlight. 18-23 degrees Celsius. Humidity <50%.
Shelf life:12 months
Country of origin:Made in Australia

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