Just like the ever popular Musk Sticks, Spearmint Sticks, Fruit Sticks take the same concept with four fruit based flavours and colours. Being Celiac Suitable and GMO Free, the Lemon, Orange, Lime and Raspberry will certainly add a little fun to the occasion. Soft and smooth texture with natural flavours and colours, there is so much to like!

Product Description:Fruit Flavoured, soft texture, sugar paste extruded sticks.
Flavours (Colours):Musk (Pink), Spearmint (Green), Mixed Fruit (Yellow-Lemon, Orange-Orange, Green-Lime, Red-Raspberry)
Available Sizes:1.6kg Display Outer & 6.5kg Bulk.
Storage conditions:Store in cool dry conditions between 18°C – 22°C, <50% Relative Humidity
Shelf life:12 months
Country of origin:Made in Australia